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static LOG4C_INLINE void log4c_category_crit ( const log4c_category_t a_category,
const char *  a_format,
) [static]

Log a message with crit priority.

a_category the log4c_category_t object
a_format Format specifier for the string to write in the log file.
... The arguments for a_format

Definition at line 451 of file category.h.

References log4c_category_is_priority_enabled(), log4c_category_vlog(), and LOG4C_PRIORITY_CRIT.

    if (log4c_category_is_priority_enabled(a_category, LOG4C_PRIORITY_CRIT)) {
      va_list va;
      va_start(va, a_format);
      log4c_category_vlog(a_category, LOG4C_PRIORITY_CRIT, a_format, va);

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