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LOG4C_API log4c_category_t* log4c_category_get ( const char *  a_name  ) 

Instantiate a log4c_category_t with name name. This method does not set priority of the category which is by default LOG4C_PRIORITY_NOTSET.

a_name The name of the category to retrieve.
the root category name should be "" not "root". *

Definition at line 48 of file category.c.

  static const sd_factory_ops_t log4c_category_factory_ops = {
    (void*) log4c_category_new,
    (void*) log4c_category_delete,
    (void*) log4c_category_print,
  if (!log4c_category_factory) {
    log4c_category_factory = sd_factory_new("log4c_category_factory",
  return sd_factory_get(log4c_category_factory, a_name);

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